Executive Profiling / Pre-Employment Screening

Executive Profiling / Pre-Employment Screening

A pre-employment background check can help you better ensure the person you’re hiring is who he claims to be, doesn’t have a criminal record that would disqualify him from being hired, doesn’t have his name on an international sanction list, and has a work history with which you’re comfortable.

Post hire, we can conduct periodic checks on promotion or when an employee assumes increased responsibilities, such as responsibility to award third party contracts in a supporting business function for example.

We offer customised solutions and will work with you to ensure a screening program provides the optimum balance of the types of services, delivery methodology, and required skill level of our researchers:

  • Pre-employment background checks.
  • Screening of existing employees.
  • Background research on candidates for academic institutions, including professional schools.
  • Background screening for executive hires or other high-profile employees.
  • Background checks on suppliers, vendors or others closely associated with your business.

Such work may typically include:

  • Verification of CV details including former employment, educational qualifications, and memberships of professional associations.
  • Profiling a candidates’ background reputation and life-style.
  • Summarising a candidate’s public profile through thorough research of media in all relevant languages.
  • Summarising a candidate’s professional reputation through enquiries with human sources, such as ex colleagues.
  • Profiling a candidate’s commercial interests.
  • Checks with relevant regulatory bodies and searches of local legal databases to ensure no disciplinary or legal action has been taken against the candidate.
  • Researching significant associations of candidates, particularly those within the political sphere, if applicable.

Supplier/Vendor Screening

Third party risks are as important as those risks directly associated to any business. Potential liabilities of third parties include criminal records, financial troubles, or disreputable business relationships with others.

Aratus can customise any screening process to provide entity-level screening services that offer a robust supplier-vetting program. Assignments may be designed to hold vendors to ethical standards set by your company or to understand whether a supplier or vendor can meet agreed obligations.